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Another Vietnam M-1 in this week


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  Sadly there is no story or name that we can associate with this helmet, but it has all of the earmarks of a Vietnam used helmet and cover. A bit of wear around the edges of the cover which has been in place for a long time, some reddish hue to the cover itself, mostly around the edges but similar to the named examples we have in the collection and a rubber helmet band. This may be a generalization but I have noticed that on the actual in country used covers, the material is worn thin whereas on the surplus Mitchell covers they feel "thicker" if that makes sense? Overall very happy to have it but wish there was more info...    Scott










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6 hours ago, fight said:

Nice look to it!


- Alec

    Thanks Alec, it will be on exhibit with others at Michigan's Military Heritage Museum in Jackson if you want to see it.   Scott

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