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Contract issue CS-34?


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Came across this today, lineman's plier/knife set. Thought it was a CS-34 kit when I first glanced at it, maybe it is.  When I looked at the back I saw the NSN number and was thinking maybe this is a contract issue? The plies are marked "KAL 506SH", the electrician's knife has an "OK" stamp on the blade. The fasteners are marked "Klikit". On the back in black ink it's marked-


NSN; 5140-00-498-8898 

1 EA.


It came from the estate of a gentleman who was in the US Army (Artillery), don't know if that's a connection or not.

tool1 74kb.jpg

tool2 74kb.jpg

tool3 81kb.jpg

tool4 40kb.jpg

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Real late issue. I think it's dated 2000 in the stock number.

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Charlie Flick

I agree that the Pouch is a late issue item, but it appears more likely to me to be 1980s or '90s.  Bolen Leather Products was dissolved in 1999 and was probably effectively out of business long before then.  I see no markings on the pliers or knife that would prove them to be USGI but that is not necessarily dispositive.


Robin's suggestion that the National Stock Number (NSN) embeds a 2000 date is, I think, incorrect.  The 00 part of the NSN is the Country Code Identifier.  The 00 in this instance identifies the product's origin as the USA which has the codes 00 and 01.  Robin was probably thinking about the date codes that are often found in government contract numbers.





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