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Show your re-issue field gear ( All time periods welcome)


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Thought I would start this thread out with this WW2 mountain pack which was re-issued to a ARVN Airborne advisor in Vietnam in 1965. He told me that after being issued this actual  pack he preferred the ARVN OD pack which is smaller and as he said “green” for the jungle!  So he just put this one away hence the condition which also includes the winter cover.





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That Rucksack is unreal...no way to improve on that!!
Here is an original M1910 Pack rig that has been around a bit; the only one in the house with a readable stamp.

The lower D-rings on the Carrier were removed at some point.


W.W.I Pack, M1910 '12 #1 USMFS.JPG

W.W.I Pack, M1910 '12 #3A USMFS.JPG

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The face of the Pack Carrier. When the former Unit stencils were obscured, they even took the trouble to renovate the "U.S." stamp.



W.W.I Pack, M1910 '12 #6A USMFB.JPG

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