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VB-13, Is It Real?


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On 8/6/2020 at 10:13 PM, pararaftanr2 said:

For what it's worth, it does not glow under black light and the loose thread you can see is cotton.

No worries Doyler, thanks for your thoughts. As mentioned previously, I'm familiar with both procedures. There was no glow under black light and the thread removed from the edge of the patch did not melt, it burned. The patch may look bright in the photos, but as you mention, I believe that is just a trick of lighting and flash. In hand, you can see areas of surface dirt on its face and some wear around the edges as well. The jacket has been well stored while in my possession for the past 22 years. I would suspect prior to that it may have hung on a hanger for some time though, based on the wear in a line across the back of the shoulders. 

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