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Newbie = New Member and New Militaria Collector

Chris Miller

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Thank you for approving membership! I have been a life long collector but am new to Militaria, specifically WW1 US Helmets and Uniforms. Compared to my other collecting subjects, I have really enjoyed the extra enjoyment of researching soldiers and units of the items I have procured. An ancestry.com account sent me down this path as Ive learned a lot of details of ancestral veterans where prior to that I only had a family story or an un named photo.


My waning collection subjects are Indiana Boy Scout, Indiana Girl Scout, Civilian Conservation Corp. And pre 1950s outboard motors. Outside of an occasional Boy Scout patch, fakes, repros or restored items are not something Ive ever had to deal with. So I look forward to learning all I can from anyone willing to help me out!


Thank you!

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