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Various tinies to ID (from Civil war to current ones)

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I have won on Ebay this bunch of tinies among a bunch of others items i want to keep. Those to ID will be to sell


Here is how far i get at this time to make it talk


1 - USN wrist buttons ?


2 - The seller told it is Civil war ...


3 - 1st USMC special unit ?


4 - US AF fans pins

5 - Brothers Kennedy Tokens

6 - Lucky charm dollar of 1962


Any ideas to what is it exactly are number 1 to number 3 ?


(Sorry poor pics, will improve it on the next days)




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#1 is as tie tack (used to keep a necktie in place) or lapel pin.

#2. Looks like it might be a lapel button. The photo is not the best.

#3. I do not know.

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As the Marines never had DIs, #3 has the appearance of a made for collectors DI, Asian-made, never worn by the unit.


Au revoir

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#2 GAR(CW Veteran Group)(as stated above)

#4 USAF pin given out by recruiter

#5 looks like a remembrance coin for the Kennedy boys

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