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Where can I find Number and composition of Captain Knut H Raudstein stick on D DAY in Normandy.


Knut was 506 PIR - 1st battalion - C company commander.


Who can help or tell information where I can find.


Thanks all!

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The potential location of the manifest and stick number and the other troopers on CPT Raudstein might be at the Pratt Museum on Ft Campbell KY. Other than the museum, I could not guess.








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The compostion of pathfinders sticks of the 101st & 82nd are sometimes available since a great deal of them were photographied before their flight to Normandy.

You might try to contact Mr. Marc Laurenceau at:



Most of the composition of the pathfinders are on his website and maybe he could help you



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But PRATT MUSEUM gives no information on their site, has no e.mail and I suppose has only 82nd AB archives ?

Exact ?

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Although not at all a comparrison to D Day or actual combat, When we flew on Choppers in the Army Guard.

....We made up chalk lists of our chalks... equivelant to sticks....

We made 3 copies.. one we kept and 2 went to the LT. The LT kept one and passed the other one along.

They were hand written lists of who was in what aircraft. Their Name... SS ..number and weapons number.

They were all hand written at the time and thrown away afterward.

Is it possible they handled it much the same way? They still had a war to fight

and after the drop, they made their reports at some point and moved on. Im thinking

those records of the sticks may not have been preserved. ????

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Im thinking they would have recorded the names of the men whose aircraft were lost. ... And the rest of the lists disposed of.

They only exception might be a squad leader who for whatever reason held onto it ( From their aircraft) but you would think they would get rid of something like that asap so as not to be found on them if captured.

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I'm also looking for this kind of information for a platoon sergeant from B company 501st PIR.

Unfortunately, I haven't been lucky so far.

I came across this link, but that's all that I got.

Maybe it helps.



Looking to buy D-Day and 101st/82nd related groupings

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