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  1. I have found that not using a middle initial brings better results.
  2. Also from WW2 Memorial, posted by the National Archives https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/plaque_wardept.aspx?honoreeID=1264524
  3. From the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. Submitted from his home town. https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/plaque.aspx?honoreeID=2265154
  4. The man was harder than woodpecker lips! A job well done; RIP Corporal Martin.
  5. Robert Wilson aka tarbridge would know best. Here is a link to his website with multiple WWI 82 patches on it. Has it been subjected to a UV light? http://www.purpleheartsnorthcarolina.com/wwi-82nd-patches.html
  6. Bill Great analysis of the medals present. I beleive that you are correct that it was a long serving NCO or Officer, or quite possibly NCO commissioned during WWI, that was the former owner. I am surprised that there are none of the SPANAM War Association medals as part of the group. There might have been a second row that included another row of veteran association medals.
  7. Nice medal group. As to what unit the officer was serving with, I would lean toward 28th, 32nd or 42nd Divisions in the AEF based upon the bars present. Just a SWAG from the cheap seats. LOL
  8. Here is a copy of his NY SPANAM Service Card
  9. Hi Chris, Your soldier was Seriously Wounded In Action, in July 1898 near San Juan Cuba. PM an email and I will send you copies of what I have found. Your medal group looks to be in excellent condition and pretty hard to come by, you got a fantastic group to a Spanish American War Purple Heart recipient.
  10. Bob was a true friend to all in the collector community, a proud United States Marine and American. His knowledge about all things Marine but most importantly his friendly way of connecting with his fellow historians will be greatly missed. God Bless his family in this time of grief. Rest in Peace Marine! John
  11. Can you post a picture of the reverse of this medal? Thanks John
  12. Rocky I believe you are talking about the French Croix de guerre with Palm. The phrase roughly means that an individual or unit was mentioned in a Citation of the day at a French "Army Headquarters" Wiki Link can give you a general ideal about the Croix de guerre. An individual would receive a medal along with a citation for the award. A unit so cited, all members of the unit would be authorized to wear a French Fourragère of the Croix de guerre 1914-1918. Several American units have received such an award. Individual would receive the medal with appropriate star or palm along with the French Accolade with his name written into the award. The Army, Navy or Marine Corp would authorize the service member to accept the medal and a copy of the US Military translation would be placed in the individual service file/ After WWI the Marine Corps sent each marine that served in the 4th Marine Brigade 2D Division AEF a copy of the French Award to his unit and an individual card stating that he was authored to wear the award. The Army just issued a set of orders stating that the solider named in the document was authorized to wear the Fourragère in uniform which was placed in his personal files. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croix_de_guerre_1914–1918_(France) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croix_de_Guerre To answer your question, yes such awards for units and individual for sale in multiple venues. There are folks on the forum more knowledge then me that who can provide more information. Regards, Johbn
  13. Vernon, Great looking uniform. Please post some pictures of his ribbons and Glider Pilot wings. Thanks, John
  14. KR, The PUC should have Oak Leaf Clusters and not campaign stars. I am not an SME but the three VK ribbons have been seen post-WW2 uniforms and later into the early '60s, and mostly USN and USMC, but because of the Korean PUC and the other two having the same patent number I would say early 1950's forward. A more knowledgeable member of the forum may be able to better define that time window of their use. Have you considered googling the VK and patent number to see if you can figure it out? If so let us know what you learn. R John
  15. That is sad, because the Army still does it but the engraving is subpar to what they did back in the '40s.
  16. Did they engrave his name on the back of his good cookie medal aka good conduct medal?
  17. Scott, Thanks for posting. RIP Soldier!
  18. I am by no means an expert, that said, I have a Purple Heart medal with number that was issued to him in for wounds received in North Africa in 1943. I have also seen medal number on order in Italy as well. I do not believe believe that they were still doing in in late 1944. Some one may be able to better advise you than I can. It is just my SWAG on it. Good Luck! Regards, John
  19. I saw this and the first thing that hit me was the "third jump" on 18 September 1944 would have been problematic for a 502nd trooper because this was only the second 'combat jump for the101st at that time. A few Pathfinders would jump into Bastogne in December 44, and a few such as Nixon would make the Rhine jump with the 17th Airborne Division in March 45. So that seemed a red flag. I admit I did not quite recognize the machine engraving when I saw this with the large and small letters. I appreciate Dave's pointing that out. Hopefully who ever "won it" can decline the medal. On a side note, I received my copy of Dave's book the other day and find it fantastic. I appreciate his work and all the forum members who collections appeared in it. It is truly a book to have in any collection related to U.S. Military men, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard who gave their lives for this country in the Second World War and the stories of the families who were left behind are just a relivent to the stories of the medals earned. I was pleasantly surprised that he included examples of the accolades given by the United States and French Governments for those who perished in the First World War and the 5th Marine Lt. Grouping, who was KIA on 5 June 1918 that Robert Wilson has so generously allowed to be included as well. If you think this is an advertisement for Dave's book, YES IT IS!
  20. Very cool photo's of a unit that there seems to be little information about. Thanks for posting.
  21. Well someone put out some big bucks for the medal. $2300 + 20% to 23% commission for the online auction site used.
  22. Thank you for sharing the story of the Gunny's service to this nation.
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