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M16 A1 , XM16 look.

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Hi , from France .


I show my M16 A1 , almost look XM16 A1.

I have purshasse in 2013 an Colt M16A1 export demiled, is an manufacture Colt about 1974/84 ,no us property.

After have change but stock ,flash hider , remove partial reinforcing on upper , remove rivet front axe of sling replacing by pine axe , pine hole in all axes assembly and selector firing .


But, the transformation is not totally ending , i do remove the code forge , and squared the upper , the only think i can not able is the reanodizing , have use a painting modeler ,( i am builder figurine and model).

The 20 rounds magazine is correct erra , only 223 tsamped, i have 12 magazines ,but , only one is correct early vietnam war era , other is stamp 223/5,56.


thanks , and best regards .




PS; i can able to upload the photos , have resized but , have some trouble .

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