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USMC Pistol Shot First Class


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I have not seen a post about the Marine Corps Pistol Shot First Class badge. Would love to see any pictures of this badge in use by a Marine, if any exist.


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A short reference found in “U.S. Marine Corps Marksmanship Badges from 1912 to Present” By Michael D. Visconage.


“The second badge, and only other rating for pistol marksmanship, consisted of a bar (1 1/2" x 1/4") with the words, "Pistol Shot First Class" printed in two lines. This was similar to the Marksman badge and also had cut and indented corners. The pistol badges were also of silver metal.”


“The only old award which seems to have been definitely terminated was the Pistol Shot First Class badge; the 1924 changes to the 1922 Uniform Regulations stated that it was "no longer issued."


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