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VS-64 | Scouting Squadron Sixty-Four


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VS-64 | Scouting Squadron Sixty-Four

Based in Sopac, at Naval Base Segi Point, New Georgia, British Solomon Islands, part of Task Force 33.

Unit Dissolved | 30 June 1944

Activities of VS-64 were largely confined to routine anti-submarine patrols performed daily, November, 1943 to June, 1944.

Aircraft: Fourteen SBD-4s; later ten SBD-5s. Also OS2N-1; J2F-5

The SBD-4s and SBD-5s were armed with either one 650 pound Mark 228 depth charge fitted with a Mark 224 Model 2 fuse set for 25 feet or two Mark 47 340 pound depth charges fitted with Mark 234 hydrostatic fuses set for 25 feet. Two .50 calibre machine guns mounted forward, two .30 calibre aft.

Solid embroidered. | This is the only example I have seen.





National Geographic Society. Insignia and Decorations of the U. S. Armed Forces. December, 1944. p 180.

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