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Stolen engraved DSC returned to grouping after two years

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Yes, the incident was reported. The forum member is a guy named Art Ralston who went by the moniker Orion27 here on the forum. He has not been on the forum since November of last year. He is a teacher in New York.


As a warning to others, I made the GRIEVEOUS error of sending my papyment as "Friends and Family" via PayPal. As such, I have no recourse through PayPal as they pointedly state that this type of payment is not for buying and selling. I spoke to my brother who is an attorney about going after the guy in small claims court, and he said that even if I were able to get a judgment, the fact that i was attempting to purchase known stolen property would probably not go in my favor.


24th Infantry can coroborate my story as I was the one who warned him of the medal no longer being in his possession and advising him to contact the police. My desire in this whole thing was only to try to get the medal back to 24th Infantry. It only cost me $500 to get nowhere in the deal.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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Allan is 100% correct. He informed me right away about the situation and I had no idea it was stolen until I looked at the grouping. I talked to Orion27 and explained the situation. The police contacted him, along with eBay. He was given the police report. He went on to say that he was a teacher and he would NEVER let the medal go and that he was going to take care of it. He also said he wanted to make sure it was returned to me. The representative at eBay said they would reimburse his money as long as he returned the medal to me (I just looked back at the message I sent Orion27 when the medal was first sold on eBay.) Once that was stated he completely stopped talking to me. It almost seemed like he was not going to return it to me. Looking back at all my conversations, I believe once he was informed that the medal was legally mine he cut all communication with eBay and myself. I don't like to assume but to me it seems like Orion27 was not interested in returning it but rather make money off it, even though he knew it was stolen. My question is why didn't he contact me if he was selling it? He had my number, email and the police report. Allan is a very kind individual and only has the best intentions in his heart. Him and Jeff are amazing people. Thank you Allan for informing me back when it was stolen. I might never have been able to hunt this down without your help. And thanks to Jeff for his selfless act! These two people really give me confidence in our society and that although there are bad people out there, there are also very kind and courteous people which outweighs the negativity. Thank you to everyone who helped me through this situation! I hope those who read this are inspired and gives others confidence in their searches.

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Naive question:


Can, or will or should or would someone please explain how it came to pass that this medal WAS stolen in the first place?

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The boyfriend of my tenant (who no longer lives in my house) popped the lock on my bedroom door where I store some of my items, aside from a storage unit. After stealing it the kid disappeared and it ended up going into the hands of an eBay seller from Staten Island.

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