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I Need Assistance With Locating Items Of 3 Family Members

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Hello all,


I am unsure if this is a proper use for this discussion but I figured it was worth a shot. To put it short, I am looking for items from 1 great-grandfather and 2 of my grandfathers.


Randy Ferguson (later Sr.) - USMC WW2. Served at Guam as a Pack Howitzer spotter.

His son, my grandfather, never got to hear about his father's service in the Marine Corps and as such, I want to reconnect him with his father's items.



Bob Duvall - US Army Vietnam. Served as an MP & small arms mechanic (unsure of the last one). Was in Vietnam & checkpoint charlie. He recently pasted away and I would love to find items of his for my own state of mind. I regret not talking to him as much as I wanted to but I hope to regain a bit of his memory.


Any help would be deeply appreciated.



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