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I have a chance to buy a locally owned Sloat and Klein leather brown pilot helmet with ANB h1a Avionics. Helmet looks something like usaaf an-11.Contract tag list shows n288s-21428. Does not have the chin cup strap, but rather a straight chin strap. Is This World War II? If so, is it early war or late War? No ox mask snap hook ups, but something like a buckle above the chin strap. I want to make sure I don't buy a post helmet. Also, does the contract number indicate whether a fighter pilot wore this, bomber pilot recon pilot, Etc? Leather is in great shape so it may be New Old Stock. I think his price tag of $110 for both the helmet and installed avionics is very reasonable the headset is proper for this helmet. Could not find many photos or information on the internet about this helmet model. Please share whatever knowledge you have about these questions. Photo too large to attch. Thank you so much.

Thanks to Our Veterans, Our Troops and First Responders - Keeping America Great!



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