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The ON PATROL Project

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Connected with the Redmond, Oregon VFW (Post 4108), the ON PATROL Project is a sort of all-volunteer, living history group that 'patrols', vice marching, in the Redmond Veterans Day parade. We dress people out to represent veterans throughout the history of this country, from the American Revolution up to present day, trying to be as authentic as possible in our dress and accouterments. We do not do dress uniforms, but rather working / combat uniforms, with firearms, as appropriate (hence my presence on this site). We intend to add other veteran events and Veterans in the Classroom to our venue as we grow. I've only been at this for five years now, and frankly speaking, as most here know, it gets pricey acquiring the gear, so from time to time I will be asking your collective advise on where to find things. Thank You in advance, BPO

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Welcome, that really great . Yes, gear is pricey these days. Our VFW had a chance at a M60 tank but did not get it.We have a great veterans day parade every year. You can check out g503 forum, Good luck on finding the gear you need. :)

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