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  1. Sam, we all will be down for Oct. fest, Have us plenty of beer and girls .
  2. Welcome to the forum, I did a reforger to germany, We flew to duesseldorf, got our tanks at monsglodbouck, had a great time.
  3. Welcome to the forum, This is a great place to be. I did some time around Gary IN. Thanks for you service
  4. Welcome to the forum, Thanks for your service Also any pictures you have, would like to see. A lot of good stuff on here so enjoy
  5. Welcome to the forum, hope to see some pictures of your collection. I think the ww2 veteran were the best, they were my hero,s I got a ww2 Japanese rifle and a lot of other ww2 things, like military vehicles.
  6. yo-bo-she-yo , great looking collection.
  7. Jim, Have you been on ( The carbine collector.s club ) forum They know more about M1 carbine,s than anybody else.
  8. Thanks Ronnie, I sure will, It will be the end of next month before I can make it. I hope this crazy weather will get better by then. Wendell
  9. Yes. very interesting. I would like to see some of your collections one of these days. Also Dee Cook just got a nice mule. All winter, it has rained thanks wendell
  10. Welcome to the forum, Thanks for your service . I have got a lot of time in the sky also.
  11. Looks great, It looks to be a SPH-4 or SPH-4 B Some times we call them the electric hat Your will plug right in to the huey or blackhawks
  12. Welcome looking great and jeep also, I collect ww 2 vehicles
  13. Hi, Ronnie, That is a sharp looking Hat. Glad you save it. I am waiting for spring to get here. so hope the ground hog don,t see his shadow. wendell
  14. I would say the three blanks and links were use for training on the m85 M G 50 cal. that was on m60 tanks Also all the blanks we use in the 1980 and later were crimped. The ww2 blank and links should work on the m2hb 50 cal but the later blank were crimped
  15. A great find, Also check out g503 forum, the truck section, they the best on the ww2 vehicles.
  16. This is a great post. I been a member of the VFW for several years, but did not know about there medals. I will never forget whiting IN. I got stuck there in the big snow storm of 1967. sure could of used there VFW.
  17. A great find. If ok, check out this you tube video ww2 armor at D-Day ohio 2019 It has some of the ww2 veterans with the 2nd armor
  18. Old post, but glad to see it. It looks new, I got two but they not as nice as yours, also see that your were in panama. I was at howards AFB. I still got some panama coins, I sent you a pm
  19. Welcome Austin, to the forum. I like going to the ww2 event. Hope you will post some pictures.
  20. great find. I have the same vest. but it,s army, also have the tm 55-1680-351-10 my vest is a sru-21/p. left side top pocket compass, bottom pocket prc90 radio set, right side top pocket tourniquet, next pocket,light marker, next with zipper , survival kit, next small pocket knife, the next fire starter. If your vest has the same items, the tm may be the same vest has 22 items Also no one should own a prc 90, I was also the alse man back in the days. did school a hunter hall fort eustic
  21. Looks great, You sure got a great deal. I hope to find another m2 for my m4 high speed tractor. I let my nephew have my m2 for his m3A1 halftrack. I got most of my parts from sarco years ago. If ok post more pictures, when you got it completed. I am also a ww2 buff.
  22. Welcome Geezer, you and family are great. I served in the Army with good folks from Washington state. I was also in korea too. How was korea for you . Veterans day is coming up, we will ride the veterans in the veteran day parade, I got 3 halftracks we use for the parade. So all you veterans get of your duffel bag and enjoy veteran day.
  23. I like the 43 gpw jeep and the other thing, I traded my ww2 jeep for a halftrack, but got a m38a1 basket case, Hope you also on g503 forum I am vj if your on the forum I have 5 tire pump if you need one, they fit under the back seat.
  24. This is a great post, wow beer that old and the bottles. The oldest beer I have is a large can of Sapporo. got it 1993. never been opened
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