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Visiting Normandy 5 to 9 June 2019. PLEASE HELP!

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Fellow forum members,


After a very successful visit to the 2014 D-Day commemorations my two travel companions and I were sure about two things:

1. We would be visiting Normandy again in the week of 6 June 2019.

2. We would book a hotel much further in advance, to be sure we would not again have to drive to and from the historic sites for more than an hour every morning and every evening.


So via booking.com I booked a very nice room in Chateau d'Argouges (Mosles) already on 18 March 2018!

When I wanted to check the details of the booking two days ago, it became apparent that for some reason my reservation had been canceled by the hotel owner some time ago without notifying me.

When I called him he simply persisted that there was no booking and no availability.

I guess this war profiteer realised when 2019 was getting closer that he could earn a premium for this particular period. >:-(


I filled a complaint with booking.com and they tried to find alternative accommodation for that period in the Overlord AO but, as I expected, that is by now nearly impossible.

The best they could do is an Airbnb 25 minutes South West of Saint-Lô.


Does anyone have a golden tip for an accommodation for 3 persons in (or near) the triangle Sainte-Mère-Église, Bayeux, Saint-Lô from 5 to 9 June?


At this point we would gladly settle for setting up a stretcher in a barn or a tent on a lawn and pay for it.



Many thanks for your help!



Cheers, Sjef






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