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80th Division Helmet markings WWI

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Gas mask bag. Named. The spade is on the right side. Also have this man's uniform with a French made patch.










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re History of the Eightieth Division, A.E.F. Russell Stultz, and edited by Dr. Anthony in 2004


" the distinctive symbols of the various units of the Division were declared official on April 30th. For the four Infantry regiments, in their order beginning with the 317th Infantry, they were a diamond, square, circle, and half-circle"


Fascinating and undeniably useful information; but I wonder if, perhaps during Dr Anthony's editing and enhancement, it has been somehow garbled. Taken at face value we have the attribution of the markings for the infantry, as...

317th Infantry-diamond,

318th Infantry- square,

319th Infantry- circle and

320th Infantry- semi circle.


So far so good; but information posted elsewhere in this thread suggest that the diamond was actually used by 319th Infantry; see, for example, the gas mask bag of Private Harrer and the helmet mentioned by "mars&thunder" .I think that most would agree with the attribution of the semi circle to 320th Infantry. The ebay guide, by "80thdivcollector", attributes the square to 318th Infantry and I see little reason to doubt that. So we now have...

317th Infantry-circle (?),

318th Infantry- square,

319th Infantry- diamond and

320th Infantry- semi circle.


The colour sequence seems correct and explains the marking sketched; size 60 by 35 mm, found painted on the left side of a 80 Division helmet.




I've not seen any helmets with painted discs attributed to 80th Division (can anyone post an example?), but I have seen one which seems to use the same system of a Company letter on a geometric shape; a red "F" on a white triangle. Perhaps coincidentally the Company letter and colour conform to the colour coding of the battalions; white for 2nd Battalion. Of course the marking may be nothing to do with 80th Division.

More problematic are the two helmets with shield shaped markings bearing the Company letters "D" and "E"; apparently both on green and definitely from 80th Division. Personally I think these are part of a later post war scheme; but I'll happily stand corrected.


My thanks to all who have contributed to this thread so far.


And for "VounteerArmory"; I/320 would have worn, on the left side of the helmet...



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Gents: for addition to the virtual databaes of 80th ID helmets; Co F of the 2nd BN of the Engineers: both tunics from the same guy.



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For more information on

"In a Strange Land: The American Occupation of Germany 1918-1923"

"Let's Go! The History of the 29th Infantry Division"

"To Hell with the Kaiser: America Prepares for War 1916-1918 Volumes 1 and 2"

"Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces"

"Forgotten Soldiers of WWI: America's Immigrant Doughboys"

"Play Ball! Doughboys and Baseball During the Great War"

go to


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Additional items with the shield of the 314th M.G.B., the Divisional Machine Gun Battalion of the 80th Division...



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This is my take , so far, on the markings used by the four infantry regiments, machine gunners,artillery and engineers. Any additions?


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E Company 1st Bn 319th Infantry Regiment

This Helmet belonged to Pvt Konrad J Harrer.

His painted Gas Mask bag with a DIAMOND painted on the bag is displayed earlier in this topic.

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