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Mr. Pink

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Hi guys,


Got this, what looks to be an original WW2 bandoleer for the M1 the other day. My question is, are there different kinds? Like ones that were issued to para or infantry troops?

If so, which one is this, or how can I determine which one it is?


Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!





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Greg Robinson

By late WW2 they'd begun stamping the information on the bandoleers instead of inserting data cards in one of the pockets. Most bandoleers used in WW2 didn't have the inkstamps and they were light OD in color.

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Thanks guys!


Well it looks to be one of the bandoleers shown in post #7 in the Link Craig posted. It is light OD color and has no markings. The shade of color is different to the pictures I posted. Guess that has something to do with my crappy camera,...


Anyway, thanks for y'alls comments!

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