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Dad's collection of rate patches etc.


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Finally I have some photos to share.


The photos show some of the patches my Dad had collected. I presume at least some of these were his, but I have no idea what.


I know you guys know WAY more than I do about this stuff... So please educate me!


Obviously, the John Hood patch is for that destroyer. I presume my dad's ship was Tending it at some point- I don't see any other reason for it. New in the bag.


As I'm typing this I recall he had a shore patrol arm band (blue with white SP on it) and a white leather belt that held a Billy club. I don't know if that was his, or he just "acquired" it, as some other items had made their way into his possession (such as a ship's compass??)


Take a look, discuss.





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The first one, with the crossed anchors, is a "Boatswain's Mate". Based on Wikipedia anyway. Deck watch, exterior upkeep of the ship etc.


The second one is "Gunner's mate". Not sure how this applies to a tender, although I assume there were some heavier guns on board. But further to the description is electric and hydraulic systems maintenance which might describe my dad.


I guess he could have been either. Would a typical enlisted man change during his time in?


And the star with the wings is (I think) USAAF, so must just be something he collected along the way.


But the stripes are still a mystery. Rank, I assume but where are the various stripes applied? Why is there one larger red one in the collection?

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The white diagonal stripes are E-1 and E-2 and E-3 Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice and Seaman, the long diagonal red stripes are for years of service 4 years each stripe so a total of 12

not sure what the smaller white and red are, they could be Seaman (white), and Fireman (red)

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Thank you Sir!


The red (years in) are clearly not his. He was only in four years. But thank you for verifying that. I believe I've seen those (type) stripes displayed between elbow and wrist, yeah?


Do the white diagonal stripes correlate in any way to the rate stripe, or is that a separate ranking system? Would you have a rate patch as well as the diagonal stripes, or separately? Old photos I've seen (not of my Dad) seem to show either, but not both. But, I think the rate is on the left (only), so a photo only showing one side wouldn't tell the whole story.


(I really am clueless about this stuff)

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I found Dad's massive brass plaque this weekend (trying to) straighten up the basement... This thing is easily ten pounds of brass.


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