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WW 2 fighter pilot P-51D

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This is my late WW 2 P-51D fighter pilot. The seat is a real deal flak damaged P-51D pilots seat. I had ballistics experts confirm the damage was from flak. I will post picks of the seat later.


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The flak burst was below the P-51. It came up about 45 degrees through the bottom of the wing through the fuselage and in the triangle you see. The strut that holds the pan and back together. As you can see the pilot was not hit. It may have cut his harness straps and caused him to poop his pants, but he was fine.


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Super display! Where did you get that seat from, that is really a sweet touch to the pilot set up!!!

506th Fighter Group Historian

Interested in all items relating to the 7th AAF, especially those of the VLR P-51 Pilots of the 15th, 21st, and 506th Fighter Groups.



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Great set up

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