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AE Naval Weapons, Ammunition and Ordnance - Torpedoes, Missiles, Guns, Bombs

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Here are two I picked up yesterday at the Bay Area Military Show in Hayward, California.




Really nice patches Tonomachi,


USS IOWA (BB-61) "The Big Stick" Weapons Department 16" Landscaping - Gunners' Mates & Fire Control Technicians circa 1984-1990

BB 61 USS IOWA Weapons Dept 001.jpg

BB 61 USS IOWA Weapons Dept 002.jpg

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VLS Vertical Launch System


The first missile in the Tomahawk “family” was the Tomahawk antiship missile (TASM). With a range of several hundred miles and a 1,000-pound warhead, TASM used an inertial navigation system and a terminal radar seeker for attacking surface ships. It became operational on board U.S. surface ships in 1982 and submarines in 1983. The destroyer Merrill (DD-976) received the first Tomahawk installation in October 1982 for at sea evaluation; the battleship New Jersey (BB-62) was the second ship, receiving the Tomahawk in March 1983.
The missiles were deployed in armored box launchers (ABLs) on board the four Iowa -class battleships reactivated in the 1980s by Secretary of the Navy John Lehman. The ABLs also were fitted in five cruisers and in seven destroyers of the Spruance class. Each ABL held four Tomahawks, providing 32 missiles per battleship (plus 16 Harpoons) and eight Tomahawks per cruiser and destroyer.

BB 62 NEW JERSEY 019.jpg

VLS 001.jpg

VLS 002.jpg

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Here are a few of mine....


I like this one, from a Nimitz Grouping...


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