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Polly Pelio

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I have recently found several items in my grandfather's belongings that I was curious about. He passed away long before I was born, so never new him. Up until now I didn't know about Disney's support of WW2, and have been scouring the internet to find out more about Polly Pelio and the USS Pelias.

These are the items I have found and if anyone has any information regarding these items I would be appreciative to hear. I am also looking at suggestions at how to best preserve these items.




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Really cool stuff! Is that a little lapel pin? I just made an embroidered patch of Polly for a friend who had an Uncle who served on the Pelias. It is amazing how many Disney patches there are, actually!


If you ever want a custom hand-embroidered (no machine) patch, I'm open to commissions! Pay or trade!
For an idea of my military collecting interests and wish list, see my profile page!
Looking for Old-Style US Coast Guard Commendation Medal (w/ or w/o ribbon)!

Oh, tarry and be strong; Tell God in prayer. What is thy hidden grief; Thy secret care.

Yet, if no answer come; Pray on and wait: God's time is always best; Never too late.

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Stratasfan is the best and does Outstanding work !!!


What you have is a cruise booklet made up at the end of the war for the crew and it is original

The veterans did make a reproduction but it is a smaller size and contain's family provided info and photos


The other is a Christmas menu for the crew on board from 1943


The other item is a mystery it would help if it was next to something for relation ship to size and what its made of.


My uncle served on the USS Pelias during WW II .


Disney did amazing artwork during the war ! And is a collection unto its own !!!


I have found poly on patches and crossing the equator certificates and hand painted on plaques

I also have her tattooed in honor of my uncle !!


I keep all of my items like that in acid free sleeves and stored flat.


What was your Grandfathers Rate ?





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Here's a menu and certificate I have in my collection. The merbabies swimming around the outer edge of the design were from Disney's Silly Symphony cartoon of the same name. The design was created by Disney artist Hank Porter in the spring of 1942.




Wanted: Disney World War II related items.




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