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Bastogne and Normandy.

General Colt

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Hi guys,


I am going to be taking a trip to Europe in June, and I would like to know about any museums and militaria shops in the area.

Thanks, Coltie ;)

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There are a number of museums around Bastonge, you'll have no issue finding them. I was there last November (for the second time) and hired a tour guide named Roby Clam for the day. I had a great time. We visited mostly the US portions of the Battlefield but he can tailor to the German sites as well. Hopefully you'll have a vehical and you can drive out to the sites of the 101st fox holes.

visit the museum at the Bastogne Barracks.

I also visited Bastogne War Museum. Luxembourg is close and you should visit Pattons grave at the American Cemetary in Luxembourg City.

There are a bunch of museums around Normandy area, been to a number of them over the years, good one at Bayeux, good one in Caen, and I enjoyed the airborne museum in St Mere Eglse

I had a fine time and it is a great place for a history buff.

I never shopped much for military items while visiting Europe as I enjoyed visiting the Battlefields too much. Most of my last trip to Europe was to concentrate on visiting the WW1 English/ US Battle fields in Northern France and Belgium 100th anniversary and all.

Would love to do it again.

If you have time while driving between Normandy and Bastogne (assuming you have a car) try and stop in Verdun France and visit the Verdun battle field and surrounding area. Very impressive. I found a number of US battlefields in this area as well from WW1, and the Forts around Verdun are very moving.

Have a great time.

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The length of your trip will determine what can be seen during the visit. Some information about the distance between Normandy to Bastogne will take a good 7-8 hours without any stops along the way. One could easily spend two weeks along just seeing sites in Normandy and another week and a half in the Ardennes region.

Here are some museums with weblinks in the Ardennes region worth visiting.


Bastogne War Museum - http://bastognewarmuseum.be/home.html


Bastogne 101st Airborne Museum - http://www.101airbornemuseumbastogne.com/


Baugnez 44 Historical Museum near Malmedy - http://www.baugnez44.be/en/news.htm

December 44 Museum located in La Gleize - http://www.december44.com/en/the-museum.htm

Museum of the battle of the Ardennes located in La Roche en Ardenne - http://www.batarden.be/site/en.html

​La Roche is less traveled and visited by tourist compared to the others, especially Bastogne.


Pay your respects to all of the fallen Brothers in Arms.

Luxumbourg American Cemetery and Memorial located in Hamm - Gen. George Patton is buried here

Sandweiler German War Cemetery located about 1 mile from Hamm.


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The Normandy shops militaria


Le Holdy militaria place de l'église Sainte Marie du mont ( good shops attention to copy price a bite expensive)

A l'aube du 6 juin rue du Général Eisenhower Sainte Marie du mont ( good shops, price a bite expensive , not much objet)

Paratrooper 2 village de l'amont Saint come du mont ( attention big shops, mixing original and copy, very very expensive , especially in june)


The Museum D-day in Nomrmandy


Airborne Museum sainte Mère église ( reenacting groupe Geronimo camp du 01/06 and 06/06/17)

Musée du Débarquement Utha Beach Sainte marie du mont

Overlord Museum - Omaha Beach Lotissement Omaha center rond point du cimetière Américain Colleville-sur-mer

Big red one assault Museum Le Bray Colleville-sur-mer

Pegasus Bridge Benouville

Centre Juno Beach voie des Français Libres Courseulles-sur mer

Musée du Débarquement place du 6 juin Arromanches -les-baims

Musée du mur de l'Atlantique le Bunker 106 avenue du 6 juin Ouistreham

Musée du Commando N4 avenue du 6 juin Ouistreham


Good visit in France


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