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3rd Armored Division Spoon

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Good Evening,

I've never really seen one before so I thought I'd share. My first reaction is that it was a baby spoon for a highly motivated father to encourage quality bonding time feeding his little one. My wife quickly corrected me that is was more of a collector's type spoon. No marking from what I can tell but has the look and feel of silver to me. Any info would be appreciated. For example was this one of a series?







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I think this is probably German-made since the 3AD was in Germany from the late 50s/early 60s until after the wall came down. They were deactivated in about 1993.


I agree that it is a souvenir spoon, and if German-made, the company that made them likely made spoons featuring the insignia of other units that were assigned to USAREUR.


Is the insignia a DUI that was soldered on, or can you tell?


I'd like to find one like that for my 3AD collection someday.

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Thanks for the information. The insignia is a "separate" piece and attached to the spoon. Can't really make the call on if it is actually a DUI. If it is it seems awfully small to me. Having trouble resizing photos right now. I'll try them again later. Enjoy your day.


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This is not a PX item. Today I received a mail of a friend who's father served with the 3rd AD in the late 1950's: "...the spoon was awarded to every 3AD officers' wives (by the 3AD Officers' Wives Assoc) when they left the division...."

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