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My 1943 Ford GPW


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  • I found this on eBay after looking for about two years. Turns out it was in southern Oregon - four hours from where I live.
  • It had a roll bar, VW seats, and a hole in the hood so the carb from a CJ jeep could stick through. Not much military was left in her.
  • no gas tank well. Mickey Mouse tank bolted in the back, and a fuel pump bolted inside the rear bumper.
  • One sticker on front bumper suggested that she had been in the USAF.
  • No numbers or anything else on the hood (which was since replaced.)
  • NO rust on her.
  • Title was dated '46 and said it was a Willys MB, but no VIN to be found on her, even by a diligent police officer, but the storage compartment lids and a few other features tell me she is a Ford, so I have a Ford with a VIN for an MB. (New VIN plate issued by Oregon DMV.
  • Willys VIN number set her for early Dec, 1943 DOD.
  • Found the right engine on Craigslist, and had her rebuilt, so running good.
  • Will switch to the right rims when the time is right. For now, this is okay.
  • Probably will not switch tires, as NDCCs and NDTs don't travel all that well on pavement.
  • Set up as a Chaplain's jeep for the First Infantry Div., about May, 1944. Right before D Day.
  • I've got odds and ends that I take to local shows. Cot, desk, flags, etc.
  • Took First Place, 1940s class, in the Fall, 2015 Boring, Oregon car show.
  • Sold my 1970 Ford Mustang to clear space to put this in the garage. I couldn't stand to leave her outside. I mean, there are lots of Mustangs, but not a lot of these around.
  • Will put a summer top on her. Bows are here, and hardware, but not the canvas... yet.
  • Top speed these days is about 40 MPH, so it doesn't go long distances to shows.

Not perfect, and not done, but, when are they ever done?


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