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WWI Trench Knife US/French


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Has anyone ever seen one of these WWI Trench Knives made from a model 1886 Label Needle Bayonet? Wood handle, knuckle guard, and screw nut butt are the same as a US ACC trench knife except the inside of the guard is only marked U.S. 1917. I know that during WWI Remington Arms of Ilion, New York made Epee Bayonets for the Model 1886 Label rifle and thay were never sent to France. 13-1/8 inch long four sided needle bayonet blade. Maybe made up from surplus parts after the war? If you have one or have ever seen on what might the value be?





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Unfortunately, the knife posted is not something made from original M-1917 parts. However, as you have noted, the blade is probably from an original Lebel bayonet. The knuckle bow is a recent reproduction of (I believe) Indian origin. There are quite a few "fantasy" knuckle knives' items being cobbled together in order to fool the novice collector. Check out post #4 here http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/198457-franken-spike/ for the same marked knuckles in yet another "rare" variation. The photo I used to compare with the original posted knife came from here http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/edged-weapons/two-wwi-knuckle-knives-120104/ and is what this reproduction would have looked like before it was "rare-ified."

How much is it worth? Nothing as a collector's piece. However, in a zombie apocalypse it might just be priceless. :rolleyes:




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