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A US Navy Marked WWI Bugle

Charlie Flick

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Charlie Flick

We don't seem to have a musical instruments section so I decided to post this one here. I had the camera out today to take pics of something else and decided to snap a couple of my old Navy Bugle.


This is a 1918 dated US Navy marked Bugle. It was manufactured by the F. Millard Company of MIchigan which, I understand, was a prominent instrument maker way back when. I am not a musician but when I encountered this Bugle many years ago thought it deserved a home in my collection. I had never before seen a Navy marked Bugle. The Army marked Bugles seem to be much less scarce in comparison. I noticed that Millard produced the smaller triple twist Bugles (sometimes called Trench Bugles) for the Army in WW1 as well.


USN Bugle 1918 left side.JPG


From poking around a bit I have learned that this was referred to as a Model 1892 Bugle. It seems to have survived the past 98 years without major damage. The only real damage seems to have been my eardrums as I tried to reproduce reveille this morning. In my hands it sounded more like a dying moose.


USN Bugle 1918 right side.jpg


The markings are pretty clear. The USN is found in a sort of Old English script while the rest is in block letters indicating the contract number and 1918 date. Don't know whose fingerprints those are but I am going to guess they belong to Chester Nimitz.


USN Bugle 1918 markings.jpg


The only other example of the 1918 Millard made Navy bugle that I could locate was found right here on our Forum. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/186829-yard-sale-bugle-find-with-a-twist/?hl=bugle


I liked this pic of a Naval Militia sailor with his M1903 Springfield rifle and Bugle. Maybe those fingerprints on my Bugle belong to him!


Naval Militia Bugler.jpg


If I knew how to play this instrument I would now play Retreat.





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wow thats cool, and man would i love to play it! no dents or dings in the bell is impressive but no smashed pipes is even more impressive!!!! even my bugle has a ding in the bell and it came that way from the store!

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That is just fantastic, Charlie.


I don't believe there is a better looking specimen out there. The patina (prints and all) is gorgeous.



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