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Chevron Lot with some Mysteries

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I recently won a batch of chevrons at an auction, and there are some mystery ones in the group. I'm going to try later to post individual pix of them, but I was hoping that maybe someone might recognize a few from the auction photo. I know that the ones at the 1 and 2 position (starting top row going left to right) with the "T" are WWII vintage. However, the others I'm stumped. Can anyone shed any light on the rest?





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I looked at this lot and decided not to bid. There were too many military school / ROTC chevrons for the money. The one gem in the batch is the chain stitched Technician 4th Grade. I already have one just like it. The technician 5th, Khaki corporal and white on blue corporal are Army.


The rest.... ROTC or Military school or police.


Of course.... This is just my opinion.


I collect US Army chevrons and US Army Finance Corps items. I also collect CCC insignia.

ASMIC Member - OVMS Member


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