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Preservation tips needed

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A quick question regarding the storage of field gear, books (Unit Histories) and papers and small items in a larger group. For instance a uniform grouping.


1. I have some field gear which I'll be using for a display only once, yet I want to keep it. What should I do then? Just buy a sealed of plastic box or something familiar where I can put it all in? Including helmets? Or should I condsider something else? The boxes I have in mind are supposed to be air tight.

However I do not know if this is a good way to store field gear which will not be used..


2. The same goes for Unit Histories, at this time I have them in a book case which can be closed. I'd like to keep reading and using the books though for reference and research. Yet my biggest fear is when I would put it in a sealed of box, silver fish could get in and destroy the books.. So what options are the best to preserve these?


3. Sometimes I have groupings in which some paper, photographs, epherma and other items are included. How should I preserve these? Box it up in small acid free boxes and tag them to whom it belonged?

Most of the items I have are connected to a jacket which is in a clothing bag.

Again, what would be the best way to preserve these items?


Also on a side note, everything will be stored on the attic in a small room where it is dark.


Thanks for the help and any opinions!



Field of interest in WWII and always interested in purchasing items related to the following:

26th Infantry "Yankee" Division

Army Nurse Corps

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA) to ETO men

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA)

KIA Purple Hearts specific men


My personal website about the 26th Infantry Division:


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I would put each of the paper items in an acid free bag then put them in an acid free box tagged with the name and same with the uniforms, just put them in a uniform bag like you said. And for the field gear i would just get a plastic bin from the store and make sure it is sealed tight and everything is put in in an orderly fashion.



Collecting WWI 26th Division Machine Gun and Infantry related Helmets, Equipment, Groupings, Photos and Dog Tags!


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