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A-5 QAC Parachute harness question


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I wanted to ask if anyone on the forum has a picture of a WW2 A-5 Qac harness with quick release box ???? if so would you mind posting it here for me ? Or lead me in the right direction.


I have looked all over the internet and cannot find a picture anywhere


Thanks in advance



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There's a great color photo of one on page 78 of The USAAF Airman Service & Survival 1941-45 by Martin Brayley. It's essential the box from an A-4 harness mounted on a disc shaped leather doohickey which likely distributed the opening shock better.




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WWII Parachutist

Here we have an A-5 Harness. Its predecessor, the A-4, was a almost a direct copy from the British type. After standardizing the quick release type harness, they worked to develop a harness that better distributed the shock load and was more comfortable, and the result was the A-5, standardized in January 1945. Harnesses were made in both white (natural) and OD, and later models were constructed with nylon webbing.


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