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Enameled crests on SP berets

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According to LtCol Charles River's book 'Metal Insignia of the USAF Security Police' the following commands had beret insignia; ADC, USAFE, TAC, SOCOM(Unconfirmed), PACAF, MAC, ESC, NORAD, AFCC, AFCS, SAC, AFSC, HHC, ALASKAN CMD, AU, AFLC, AFR, ATC, & AFA.All but 2 or 3 had variations.SAC had the most, 15 in his book.I had one for the 56th CSG.I'ms sure there are others out there.Hope this helps.There was one design for Air Defense Cmd & 6 for Aerospace Defense CMD.Electronic SCTY CMD had one design and the only one with a scroll above the insignia.NORAD had one for their Honor Guard unit.There were no images for AFCS in the book.States new insignia should be out in late 1980.AFLC has on for San Antonia Air Logistics Cntr.



ASMIC #1098


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