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Need help with a wing ID


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A friend of mine picked up a bunch of CPT items the other day, included was this beautiful wing:





The stuff came from the Grandson of a gentleman who ran Shaw Aviation during WWII out of Fort Wayne, IN.

The obvious answer is that this wing is a Shaw Aviation wing, BUT does anyone know if they ran a CPT school, and if this would be a flight instructor wing?

The detailing on this wing is GREAT, it is a pin back, unmarked.


Any help would be appreciated!



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HI Paul,


Here is a very good summary of the civilian contract pilot training schools during WW!! http://www.airforcebase.net/aaf/cfs_list.html


I did a very brief look through and didnt see Shaw Aviation, but I may have missed.


As for the wing, it could be a Shaw Aviation wing. I also checked through Phil Martin's book on commercial airline wings and didnt see a similar example, but I may have missed something.



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