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  1. Sorry still really hard for me to see but someone with better eyes might be able to help but my guess is still post war. CHeers!
  2. HI, The pictures are not large or clear enough to say 100% but the images appears to be post WW2 Cheers, John
  3. Research SMILO IIRC... YMMV EDIT just my from the hip guess... as I am waaaay out of touch.
  4. If you can post high res photos of each front and back so the close up details can been seen. Cheers, John
  5. Its really comes down to how you feel... I am the type to only use the most mild soap and warm water and a baby tooth brush Cheers
  6. Thanks Paul - I have been lurking and watching eBay I will be narrowing my collecting to be more specific and shed some of my current collection. All the best. John
  7. Thanks for the extra photos - I am been out of the periphery for sometime but still have a strong interest. From what I can see on the small screen I do not see any specific red flags but will defer to some of my old friends that are likely more up to speed on reproductions. Cheers!
  8. Higher res photos would help to be certain but it appears to be a good British made wing. Look for telltale signs of the striking process around the edges vs. being a cast copy. Cheers
  9. I just happen to have one of these and now I know - thanks John!
  10. Although I do not not recall the name of the plating I do recall a discussion from several years ago that there was an option for this.
  11. Although hard to see on a small screen the wings look good to me. I am sure someone will chime in if they see anything unusual. Cheers
  12. My guess would be CBI but my knowledge is out of date by a few years.
  13. Hi, From the photo all the wings look good to me but to be positive the reverse would need to be sure. On a side note the navigator wing is a very nice one made by Bell. As to the value that is up to you but the price is high in my opinion. You should be able to locate all the smaller wings on EBay and get an idea of there value. As for the personalized wing likely give to a girlfriend or wife that is really up to you. Good luck! Cheets
  14. I think Terry has posted the basic truth of this and other wings like it. If you spend any time on Ebay you will see these types of wings on a regular basis. I am happy that Russ posted this because so many folks get taken by these it is sad. This reminds me of all the Aussie wings that were perfect and in all the letter wings... Cheers John
  15. What a great find! I think it was Russ that first introduced me to these wonderful wings... I have wanted to add one to my collection. Cheers Joh
  16. Russ first thanks for posting Balfour wings! I wanted to add that the Balfour Ster Mark is sometimes found upside down. I think in one of the threads I posted multiple variations found. Cheers John
  17. The navigator and bombardier had their own wings and to my knowledge on the B29 had an engineer with official wings. I suggest you take a look at reference books for the period in question and scan photos of crews and see what they are wearing... Pattern your display off a photo and maybe even include it as part of the display. Cheers
  18. Although the pictures are rough... I do not see any RED flags. Nice wings! John
  19. There appears to be evidence of a repair which may be the simple answer. Cheers John
  20. Thanks guys I am glad you liked them... No too many sergeants with with wings when compared with officers. I have been searching for a graduation book to see if I can find a photo but no luck thus far. Cheers John
  21. Ram57, Russ is correct on all points... of those you posted I have to say the observer has beautiful details that are really striking. Here is one of the large shield wings Russ mentioned that you may find interesting... it is a very special wing as you can see. Cheers John
  22. Mark you are right! The wings are composed of two parts! Cheers
  23. I would not consider these rare but still nice to have them complete. IIRC there were two sisters who were selling off old stock from there fathers store several years back and had offer these and many other items that had never been sold. I am sure someone else has tore detail than I can provide. Cheers John
  24. I hope this is not a troll but in case I am wrong I would suggest you search Juarez
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