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And another prototype...

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Just finished this one up. I was bored so I figured I'd get behind a machine and make something myself...


This is the later style ski parka used by 1st SSF and other troops. What do you think?



Juan Gonzalez, Pres.
WWII Impressions, Inc
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These look great, I love that someone is prepared to produce something which we are in need of, but might not necessarily be the sexiest para related gear. Good job. Looks to be up to your usual standard, so no complaints there. I'd love to see these for sale, but, as usual, my biggest concern would be the price. I know how good your stuff is, as I own some of it, but to guys like myself who are constantly having to watch the pennies, cost is a BIG issue. I get that you produce your gear in house, and as such price is higher than some of your competitors, but I'd probably struggle to justify the cost of an item like this, much as I may want one.


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