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3/8 CAV Mud Mayhem, Baumholder - Cold War


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It did bring back old memories, and got me back in touch with some old cav buddies (including the TC of the badly stuck tank) thanks for the story...we felt kinda sorry for those guys spending 3 days up to the waist in mud digging....but then hell, it was 3rd plt


I was wondering if anybody would recognize this incident. I believe you are correct... it was about 3 days to get everything out of there.


Given how miserable this was, I later felt guilty for taking these photos, and I kept them to myself for years.


I can only imagine the amount of money we paid for maneuver damage on that one.


I'm glad you found this of interest.

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One bad thing about Germany was you couldn't tear up the trees and ground like you could here in the states. I was assigned to the 1/48 Inf 3RD AD and got stuck in Hohenfels and my tc gave me a verbal beat down because I tried to extricate myself by taking down a tree, so I just backed into the mud again and slowly sank , it took 3 other tracks daisy chained to me to pull me out.

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Proud Kraut

Gil, how could I miss this story, quasi happened right on my doorstep, wunderbar!!!! Great pics!

For the next time: Never ever try to cross any branch of the "Steinalp" again :D . Concerning the maneuver damage, I have seen much worse...


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