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I have had this box for over a year now. I think this originally was some type of ammo box. It was first personalized by a japanese soldier (may have been an officer). On the side, I had the Japanese translated. It turned out that the markings represent the family name, Hisaoka. As you see, on the inside, Hisaoka placed a Buddhist prayer paper. It has been identified to the Zenkoji temple in Japan. On the top, the USMC Vet, E. E. Paul, of Doland, South Dakota. He may have been a pilot for the VMF 111. This box, personalized from both sides, may have come from the Marshall Islands. Paul used the box for his ink block with his name (you see the ink stains to the inside) and maybe forms he used. His ink block came with the box and is not pictured. I have a pre-war postcard of the temple that I keep inside the box.






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Nice case!


I collect items from The Battle of Iwo Jima (1945).

Top Iwo Jima Items I'm Looking For:

1) IDed 5th MarDiv Corpsman Jumper or Forest Green Coat.

2) IDed Coast Guard Navy Jumper

3) IDed CB's Sea Bee's Navy Jumper

4) IDed 147th Infantry Regiment Army Service Coat

5) IDed 32nd ID Army Service Coat (Occupation Kyushu with 5th MarDiv).

I am always looking for named and dated WWII USMC Forest Green wool alpha jackets/coats from the 5th Marine Division or other units who participated in the battle.

My Blog "Marines In Forest Green" http://marinesinfore...n.blogspot.com/

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