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1917 USMC Gun Pointer's sleeve mark


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Colonel Dion Williams, United States Marine Corps, wrote a book titled: "Army & Navy Uniforms & Insignia" in 1917 and on page 164a he showed a photograph (half-tone) of the GUN POINTER'S SLEEVE MARK and one page 165 he described it: "Enlisted men of the Marine Corps who have regularly qualified as gun pointers aboard ships of the Navy wear a design representing a six-pounder gun and mount on the right sleeve midway between the wrist and the elbow, the design to be in scarlet on blue cloth for blue coat and in drab linen thread for the field coats and flannel shirt." think.gif Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California ( hhbooker2@yahoo.con )



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Here are four Gun Pointer's sleeve marks, one is blue with a white gun, one is khaki-suntan with a red gun, and the other two are khaki-suntan with blue guns. These are different from what was described in the 1917 book by Colonel Dion Williams, U.S.M.C.? :unsure: Sarge Booker





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I'd imagine for their Naval counterparts? similar to the parachute rates were the same for both branches, only the colors varied

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