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Posted 27 January 2019 - 09:36 AM

Its in fair shape, definitely not mint. No scabbard. Not real sure about the history, but got it from a friend of my fathers. She was 93. Her husband passed about 20 years ago. Im sure they sat in the chest I found them in since the 50s. They were wrapped in 50s newspaper.

#27 robinb



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Posted 27 January 2019 - 07:16 PM

Here's mine. Local antique store find.

k 1.JPG

#28 schmooser

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Posted 27 January 2019 - 09:53 PM

If Robin only has ONE, you know they are pretty rare...🤔

#29 ron norman

ron norman
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Posted 28 January 2019 - 07:48 PM

Here is a true story about an extra pyramid 1917 that actually happened at one of the OLD Fla. Gun Collectors Assoc. shows, probably 20 to 25 years ago.


We had a regular member who was known to be very difficult to deal with , he would not buy from you unless you virtually  gave it away and he would NEVER give you a break on things he had for sale. He was a nice enough guy, but members who knew him just would not deal with him. He was also about 6 foot 6 inches tall and about 450 pounds, so you also did not want to make him mad at you.


At our winter show he was about 3 tables away from me and in walking by I noticed he had one of the 1917 L F & C extra pyramid knife with scabbard priced at 200.00.  At that time a regular 1917 was around 150.00 and at the time and extra pyramid was around 300.00, so I knew he did not know. So rather than tip him off I offered 175.00 several times and he would not budge, So finally I went to his table laid down the 200.00 and picked up the knife and thanked him.   


In about 10 or 15 minuets later he came over to my table and asked " OK what do you know that I don,t ??????  Since the knife was now mine I pulled out a regular one out and showed him the difference, When he asked me the true value and when I told him, I could see tears running down his face. He went back to his table, packed it up and left the show.


Ron Norman

#30 Misfit 45

Misfit 45
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Posted 28 January 2019 - 08:31 PM

Great story! That's usually what happens to me!.


#31 V42

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Posted 27 February 2019 - 06:30 PM

Looks like they were made both ways with no problems and one is just more common then the other.  Both are correct.



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