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Storing Items

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Posted 06 October 2015 - 08:57 AM

' take extra care and precaution and check items on a daily and weekly basis..'




Good advice, Leigh.


This is one of the best things every collector should do at least once in a while. Vigilance and diligence in looking over items susceptible to insect damage is essential in preventing (or stopping) an outbreak. Thorough inspections are a must if one has a large collection of wool items.



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Posted 06 October 2015 - 09:32 AM

Look for some of the tell tale signs that the moths/other insects may be extra heavy in the season. At night time look at porch lights to see if there are a very large number of moths that are around the lights, if there are quite a few then you may want to put some sticky tape next to the light to rid some of the moths. Cleaning the war room and checking the uniforms/items in the collection and constant observation/conservation of the collection is the best prevantative option..


I recall growing up in New Hampshire and the outbreak of Gypsy Moths and the catepillers that followed. Whole trees were consumed and large webs and caccoons could be seen, then the thousands of migrating catepillers crossing the roads to get to other trees.. Now that was an outbreak.. I remember watching my dad in the back yard with the torch buring the nests out.....


Even in the museum environemnt that we have here in Texas, we are not free from pests. We just had vector control spray the building a few weeks ago. But every once in a while we will see a dead roach, so we take extra care and precaution and check items on a daily and weekly basis..





Thanks again Leigh!  I remember the invasion of the gypsy moths in the 1970's - it was HORRIBLE. I remember the same with my dad and also us kids stompin them whenever/wherever we saw them. 

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