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  1. video https://dissolve.com/video/1919-General-Bjornstad-watches-troops-play-game-royalty-free-stock-video-footage/001-D378-78-069
  2. Got this a few years back, figured it had a World War I relationship to some kind of game- found it going thru some stuff [covid boredom] and researched it finally. Anybody else ever hear of this game? The booklet is complete all 16 pages intact. There's even a video out there of the men playing the game.
  3. this is the back of the ebay one for reference
  4. Sorry to hear this. TBE this year unfortunately. Thanks for the announcement.
  5. Nice pick up. Great price. Love the design on this one.
  6. great patch and great resource now. thanks Mort!
  7. Jeff Millstein attibutes this design to Disney Studios. Is this a correct?
  8. It is with great sadness I make this post. 7 sailors and 1 marine left from the USS Indianapolis survivor group. Fair winds and following seas Tony King. May you RIP
  9. I asked a noted Disney expert. He confirmed the octupus is NOT a Disney design. That is a misconception
  10. A rare post war envelope using the design:
  11. Fifinella was a Disney Created design for them - but agree with Tredhed2 on the patch.
  12. Ok, kids, need some more summer reading? JUST finished this one- - A fantastic read on a shadowy often overlooked theater of WW2. If you ever wondered how the CIA came into existence this is the book for you. Behind Japanese Lines With the OSS in Burma by Richard Dunlop.
  13. Sorry to hear of this. just saw this post. May God comfort his family during this difficult time. Such a loss to the collector community. RIP Bob
  14. 8 sailors and 1 Marine left. RIP Jim Jarvis- fair winds and following seas. It' was a pleasure to have met you at reunions. May God comfort your family and loved ones in this time of loss. Truly a hero.
  15. looks good to me. Last one I sold went for 28$ -
  16. I did not know him, however, RIP and condolences to his family and friends.
  17. Answer: you don't. Congrats Nice pick up.
  18. thank you for adding this Dave
  19. thank you- this puts a record of him in the army prior to the second world war and would most likely account for the style of dog tag used in that period.
  20. this soldier was born 1890- and another enlistment record for 1940- and research that another forum member sent me
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