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  1. So the seller was warned this is a fake and is a forum member and says he's "tossing it in the garbage" but listed it anyway? That's not cool.
  2. Patches from ebay links [they expire and then the link is basically useless and the thread loses a LOT]
  3. Good advice all around. I learned a long time ago when I used to collect coins that the more common grades, while they were so cheap to get, were hard to liquidate when I wanted to move along to better pieces. They are great learning tools, but not much more. In addition to the forum and ASMIC, I would also recommend purchasing a few books and learning about construction methods such as Hans De Bree's book and definitely if you wade into deeper, more expensive waters, any of the Keller books. ESPECIALLY if you want ot get into airborne patches. I'd also pick up a copy of Jeff Millstein's boo
  4. Thank you for taking the time to explain this
  5. It is with great sadness I make this post. 6 sailors and 1 marine left from the USS Indianapolis survivor group. Fair winds and following seas . May you RIP Robert “Bob” Witzig
  6. Yes, I saw that and I posted about his passing. Jim was a super nice guy. I have been to three of the survivor reunions and got to know him a little bit. The USS Indianapolis has a facebook page and they do keep up on what's going on with the remaining survivors. Sad to see these men leaving us at the clip they have been. I am in the process of reading 317 again and am almost done. Jim didn't have a lot to say about the sinking in the Survivor organization book, but he would talk about it at the reunions. I only wish I would have started [didn't know public could go] going to reunions years a
  7. Yes, it does say that. Mr Jarvis wore that to the reunions. He had it on a lot of times at the book signings. He was a great guy and I am glad I got to meet him- I have been to three of their reunions.
  8. That's a really good book. I am presently reading Bataan Uncensored by Col E B Miller. So sad what happened to our men and the Filipino allies
  9. Thank you for the information. I am trending these are not scout designed/used items.
  10. small cdv sized - unknown era: need some opinions , please, is this a band uniform or civil war uniform for a child? I know they're were younger kids who wound up as drummer boys during the war
  11. still seeking information on these: possibly CMTC?
  12. Thank you for posting this. Great info for the casual collector of postcards
  13. Story about the crash and Serafino dated 08/14/20 https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200813/p2a/00m/0na/021000c
  14. He is also a member on the facebook US Militaria forum just an FYI.
  15. video https://dissolve.com/video/1919-General-Bjornstad-watches-troops-play-game-royalty-free-stock-video-footage/001-D378-78-069
  16. Got this a few years back, figured it had a World War I relationship to some kind of game- found it going thru some stuff [covid boredom] and researched it finally. Anybody else ever hear of this game? The booklet is complete all 16 pages intact. There's even a video out there of the men playing the game.
  17. this is the back of the ebay one for reference
  18. Sorry to hear this. TBE this year unfortunately. Thanks for the announcement.
  19. Nice pick up. Great price. Love the design on this one.
  20. great patch and great resource now. thanks Mort!
  21. Jeff Millstein attibutes this design to Disney Studios. Is this a correct?
  22. It is with great sadness I make this post. 7 sailors and 1 marine left from the USS Indianapolis survivor group. Fair winds and following seas Tony King. May you RIP
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