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We've talked ugliest...now why not best looking?


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I know that this is an ancient thread, but here is my opinion on some of the nicest:


- Distinguished Service Cross (WWII vintage or older)

- Earlier strikes of the Navy Expeditionary Medal

- WWI U.S. Victory Medal

- DFC (As many others have listed as well)

- The earlier Slot/Crimp Brooch Navy Commendation Medal (Simple, but nice)

- Earlier examples of the Air Force Commendation Medal 

- Medal for Humane Action (Berlin Airlift)

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The Air Medal is my absolute favorite. Its best feature, in my opinion, is the compass rose and how the "north" fleur-de-lis is also used to attach the suspension ring. I also like that the ribbon's colors are taken from the branch of service colors of the Army Air Corps.

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Oops, I hit submit before posting my other four, then left before realizing lol


1. Air Medal

2. Distinguished Flying Cross 

3. Soldier's Medal (I love art deco)

4. Purple Heart

5. Bronze Star Medal (I love the simplicity of its design)

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