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Difference between Lightweight Helmet (USMC) and PASGT helmets (all branch)


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In fact, there's some difference between both LWH and PASGT.


External, there's only 1 difference between PASGT and LWH ;




The big difference is these two screws that are present in PASGT to attach the chin strap.


Color of paints is not a good indicator to differenciate a LWH and a PASGT. I explain me ;




On this picture, you can see an original LWH (left) and an original PASGT (right). We can easy recognize the screw for chin strap on PASGT Helmet and there's also a difference of color of paints for both model.


But the problem is that color of paints isn't a good indicator because ;




On this picture, you have TWO original PASGT. They have their original paints too. As you can see, they both have a different color. On left, you have a "lightweight PASGT" (= rare). On right, you have a "normal PASGT" (= common).


As you can see on this picture, they both have screw. In fact, there's small difference between these two PASGT models ;


1. the lightweight model has, as his name indicate it : a light weight...

2. the lightweight model has a 3 point chin strap / normal PASGT have only a 2 point chin strap.

3. Label differs (only on the rear, near the neck) for the normal PASGT / Two different labels for lightweight PASGT.


Here's now picture of interior of lightweight PASGT ;




On this picture, you can easy see the three point chin strap (2 on sides and also 1 on rear).


Now, here's the interior of the "normal PASGT" ;




You can see on this picture the chin strap in TWO points.


First label on the lightweight PASGT Helmet (on rear)




You can read ;


"PASGT Helmet



Specialty Defense Prod"


Second label inside Lightweight PASGT helmet ;




You can read ;


"SPP inc

Dunmore, PA

Made in the USA"


Here's the label of the normal PASGT Helmet ;



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And here're the labels for LWH (OD first and second Tan) ;






All helmets (PASGT normal, Lightweight PASGT, OD LWH and tan LWH) in comparison







So I resume ; for EXTERNAL (so helmet shell - NOT inside)


The only difference between PASGT and LWH is the screw. It permit to easy recognize it.


The color is a wrong indicator to differenciate PASGT and LWH.

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Now, for the INSIDE, there's some difference between LWH and PASGT.


1. The liner

2. Labels inside (on a print paper for LWH / print directly on kevlar for PASGT)

3. Difference between manufacturer (only GENTEX for LWH / for PASGT there's : UNICOR , GENTEX, Specialty Product,...).


Here's the inside of PASGT (normal / non Lightweight) :




Here's the inside for Lightweight PASGT Helmet ;




Here's the liner for the first model of LWH (so not with pads) ;




Here's the inside of upgraded LWH (with PADS - I personaly call it MCCH to differenciate it of LWH with liner) :




As it, you can see all difference between PASGT and LWH, for all models, inside and external.


Hope this helps,



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So what I've learned in this, since I have an LWH, is that an M81 Woodland PASGT cover would fit. That's all I needed to know... Thanks!

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will the LWH chin strap assembly fit in a PASGT?  The screw holes look like they are in the same location. 

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On 3/31/2022 at 11:32 PM, irvwyner said:

will the LWH chin strap assembly fit in a PASGT?  The screw holes look like they are in the same location. 

Yes just make sure you get the correct size for your PASGT. Example if your PASGT is a medium, get the M/L size. 

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 Not completely sure what model I have.

I got it when the first started using them.

It is marked on the bottom with a tree in a circle ,  a + in a circle  , a 64 in a circle  an a large S1

It has a chin strap.

[email protected]

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