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US.Navy Pilot.

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Hi Guys.


I was able to make a small display of my USN and USMC pilots at our War Museum in Warsaw. Exhibition name was : Pacific war in flames 1941-1945.


here a photos of my aviation stuff.






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Hello Jerry:


What a marvelous display! I congratulate you. Nice work, and a very complete showing of the Naval Aviators in the latter stage of WW2. You have a wonderful collection.






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a wonderful display!!!! Professionally exhibited. Bravo!!! (very good... B) )


Seven years ago I almost got to make a similar thing here in Italy, having together 9 jet pilots available for display of different periods and countries. But a lack of good security, and other small but bothering issues led me to drop eventually that idea.

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Two-piece leather Naval Flight Suit belonging to Ensign Ray L. Potter, Patrol Bombing Squadron 131, flying the Ventura B4 bomber during actions in the Aleutian Islands. Also shown is a pair of wool lined leather trigger finger mittens, and Wilson goggles with blue lenses..

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