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Can you help me identify the country of origin and date range on this container please

Earl C

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I cannot find any identifying marks on this, but it seems old, yet not.  The cleats on the bottom have cross type screws and then there are flat head screws as well on the rest...it appears to have little nails thru the corner wraps which lead me to believe it's lined with wood.  The inside appears to be stainless and the gasket could be rubber, but not sure.  I am guessing this is for food transport because it's very similar to the food carriers I have found online with regards to the inside.  This was being thrown away so I confirmed it was trash and couldn't pass this up.  Almost like an ammo can, but built a little better for sure.  It looks a whole lot better built than the american food coolers.  There is wood rails along the outside.  Very good condition for what it is.





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