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Help with Lot of Rations


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Trying to figure out the manufacture dates of these rations and best options to preserve them - three K ration units, the breakfast unit is manufactured by Cracker Jack Co. while the supper and dinner units are both made by Doughboy Mills. The B Unit looks like it's stamped 4-42 so I'm guessing April 1942? I don't see a manufacturer on it? 


Outer boxes looks solid. I don't want to open them if I don't have to. There's a little bit of rust powder coming out of them. I just want to do what's best for them to avoid any future damage to the box or contents from any leaky or rusty food stuff still inside.


Thanks. First post in almost a decade so glad to be back collecting again.





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Welcome back! They all look like nice WWII rations. There should be a waxed, inner box inside the cardboard ones. Agree it's best not to open otherwise. The can is missing the key, but a nice WWII example. I'd be happy to have one or all of them in my own collection.



You might find this of use:


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another good c ration reference here https://yankreenactment.nl/rations/c-ration/


at this point everything has broken down about as far as it's going to, provided you don't store it in your garage or something.


i see bug holes so i'd probably keep them sealed, at the minimum that means there'll be little holes throughout your biscuits.  you can tell about how much they've destroyed by weight.  at this point these usually weigh between 12 and 13oz if they're still solid

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