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theater made 101st Airborne SSI?


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This sold for around $110 on Ebay recently. It was billed as a WW2 theater made patch, but I am unsure about that.


What do you think?




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It doesn't look genuine and this is reflected in the price it sold for as an authentic piece would probably sell in the 500 dollar plus price range.

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I wouldn't want it in my collection. 



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Think the seller is the one from England with all the fake 101st items, etc. Garbage and waste of money.

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That is so bad it's laughable and if that were real a real variation like that would go for over a thousand dollars easy.Scotty

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6 hours ago, Tonomachi said:

Either another one has popped up for bid on eBay or the first one was returned (see link).  The seller is out of the UK.



this seller is well known to collectors from Great Britain.... steer clear... way clear




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