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Interesting document in that it appears to contain debrief info from the former Japanese LT. I have had and read a number of IDPF files for Japanese POWs who died but had not before seen a statement like that, or info from a Japanese soldier.


Perhaps others have. I know that some sort of POW records, or at least war crimes involving POWs, do exist, but personally don't have any real knowledge on contents, debriefs, etc.


Thanks for posting this.


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The report was requested by LtCol Kerr's son Maj EB Kerr who due to wounds suffered in Korea spent significant time in a US Army history department rather than continued field duty. I'm speculating that perhaps his connections resulted in more digging. My Uncle Maj. Kerr was the author of several books including "Surrender & Survival- The experience of American POW's in the Pacific 1941-1945". My GF records were lost in a Record Center fire so the medals display is my best speculation on what he would have earned.

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