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1937 Beretta GI Bring back

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Pick up this interesting Beretta a few weeks ago! Its dated 1937 and was originally papered to a MSgt Griffel who sold it to another GI. I've never seen a change in weapon ownership documented on a bring back paper before. I'm in the process of researching both veterans. The set came with another set of capture papers for the second man. I wish I knew where that gun went to! I have limited knowledge of this firearm but do know that it is a Italian Army issue. It appears to be a model 1934 Beretta but it looks like Model 1034 on the slide. It came with a holster and shows wear from it. It shoots nice and the spent cartridge comes out through the top of the slide which is something I have never seen on a pistol before. The man who I bought it from found it in a gun store. When he inquired about it, the owner brought out the holster from the back and in it were the original capture papers folded up. I posted this story on another site and was told the holster is a rare canvas Luftwaffe tropical holster for the Femaru Model 37M. The 2nd paper mentions a model 37 gun so its possible that at some point the holsters got swapped out.


The man died in 2001 and only lived 10 minutes from me. I am looking for a second magazine for the holster. Enjoy! Thanks for looking!




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