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New from MI.. what a great forum I've stumbled upon :)

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So this is the place to start. I originally ended up coming here while doing an internet search on a few patches that I'm having trouble finding information on. Then I got TOTALLY sidetracked and couldn't help but look at different areas of this forum. Wish that my father would've known about this site and participated. I'm sure he would've really enjoyed it. He's taken a turn for the worst lately and just not himself any longer unfortunately. Memory is shot :( Early signs of dementia. Anyways I don't want to bring others down but he is the main reason why I've dibbled and dabbled with militaria since I was pretty young. He collected for 50+ years and was extremely interested in SF stuff. Anything at all though he would buy. Uniforms, pins, patches, wings, knives, bayonets, etc. etc... Randall and Gerber knives. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, any era really. Lots of WWII German items, flags, patches, pins, medals, I could go on and on. I'm going to be selling a few items here and there over time so this site will definitely come in handy for me when the time comes. Well the patches that I was trying to find information about are all similar to the one shown on my profile. I'm curious if these are really from the 1930's era or not. They just seem so minty and couldn't possibly be that old (but what do I know). They have all been blacklighted and to my surprise they didn't glow at all. I have a total of 8 and can't really find much information about them online. Also I do see them pictured in the little patch guide titled "U.S. Military Shoulder Patches of the U.S. Armed Forces 5th Edition" by Britton & Washington, Jr... on page 34. They show 7 different patches but I have a few that are different colors and then a few I don't have that are shown.


Here's what I have:

5th Q.M. Regt. (Mech.) but different from what is shown in their patch (possibly not 5th QM then?) because the blue coloring below the eagle on mine and theirs isn't colored blue and the eagles look a little different.


**one patch not shown in the book I have is very similar to the 5th QM patch except it has a white background


19th Ordnance Troop (Mech.) but the color on mine is purplish and has a black border on the edge compared to the patch shown which appears reddish and has a yellow border on the edge.


**one patch that isn't pictured that I have is similar to the 19th ord. patch as the same background color (purplish) but has a yellow edge border instead of black.


13th Cav. Regt. (Mech.) but different because mine has a yellow border around the patch edge while the one shown doesn't have one at all.


1st Cav. Regt. (Mech.) is a little different because again mine has a colored edge border


68th F.A. Bn. (Mech.) that's pretty much like the one shown


**then a patch just like the 68th F.A. Bn. patch shown BUT it has a WHITE border and bolt


I would post the pictures of fronts and backs of them all if I knew how to go about doing so. Also I'm not positive that I can even do that yet seeing how I'm new and have restrictions.


I was just curious about these patches. Very glad that I came across them a few days ago and found this site.

Great to be a member here and I look forward to soaking up all of the knowledge I see offered on a wide range of topics. Once I know it's ok to post photographs and I get them resized I'll do so. Have a great weekend!


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Welcome to the forum. I would recommend you post a picture of the patches you need help identifying in the patch section or "can you ID" section. Others will probably be able to help you.





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